Can I surf wherever I like - Within reason most beaches in this area which are easily accessable by foot are suitable for surfing at some level, but unless you are experienced and competent, it is advisable to stick to a lifegaurd patrolled beach and surf between the Black & White flags.

What type of surfboard should I choose? - This depends on several factors, but principally your experience. Although a shortboard looks cool, it will be much harder to catch waves especially on smaller days especially for beginners. Your age, weight and fitness will also affect your board choice and generally speaking the shorter the board, the harder it will be to surf. A hugely popular all round board is the Minimal which will give you a high wave count and combines good manouverability with relative stability. One of our most requested boards is the Bic Magnum, which is popular throughout the surfing world as a good all rounder.

Do I need to pay a deposit? - No we do not ask for deposits on our hire equipment and trust our customers will treat our products with respect. However, damage beyond reasonable wear and tear will be charged. For example, dents, chips and deep scratched to boards or tears in clothing with incur charges of £25.00. Hire equipment which is not returned or available for collection by the agreed time will incur charges at the published daily hire rate. Hire equipment which is lost or damaged beyond repair will be charged at replacement cost.

Should I take a surf lesson? - That would be a good idea, especially if you have never surfed before. There are several surf schools locally and an introductory lesson would be a good investment and help you become a proficient surfer faster.

Do I need boots and gloves in the summer? - The sea temperature is usually several weeks behind the air temperature as summer draws nearer, so for example in May the water may feel like it's late March. This can be a good advantage later in the year when the sea is still relatively warm until late October. However, British coastal waters are chilly and many people prefer to wear wetsuits, boots and gloves all year round.

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